Ink En Thread

Why Choice Ink En Tread

Industry Standard

Ink En Thread Standard

Use outside vendors to embroider or
screen, relinquishing control over
process and sacrificing quality to keep
costs down.

Embroider and screen in-house with
top-of-the-line machines. We use the
highest quality digitizing, superior
thread quality, and carefully choose
the best backing. As a result, our
embroidered and screened products
look the best and last the longest.

Execute production at the cheapest cost and
carry out a client request, sometimes entirely

A personal, consultative approach, often by
speaking with one of our representatives –
carry out a client request only after the order
is examined and evaluated to ensure a
correct and effective finished product, that
will be delivered exactly in line with the client
goals. On time, every time!

E-commerce platform to upload art and
execute order, despite potential issues with
processing, and material or color

Advice and information to troubleshoot any
potential problems before they happen. We
address concerns immediately to keep to a
timeline and create the best product for you
and your team.

Required minimum purchase.

No minimums – and we treat every project
with the same care and attention to detail,
whether you order one piece or one

Strive for “acceptable”

Strive for “excellence.”