About Us

What do we do?

We at printing and embroidery create articles which speak for themselves. Printing and embroidery were initially born as a result of the passion for crafting which made its way offering gorgeous embroidery and prints. The things we have learned along the way, the crafts are both timeless and contemporary. Jei loved making her crafts like doing beads for others, placemats embroidery, extraordinary stunning jewelry box made of bids and distressing furniture. As considering the increase in demand of her incredibly made crafts she decided to create printing and embroidery as a home-based business as she likes to work in her own time and creating something unique to someone, which can tell its story, represent a personality and speak for its taste and uniqueness. Our crafts act as a bridge between the world of traditional art forms and modern technique of home décor. We understand that our clients always seek out exciting new items that can help in beautifying their relationship or living space. We do exactly the same by catering to that need with customized items that bear the evidence of contemporary art forms and create printed and embroidered designs. 


What are we offering?

Our products include personalized crafts, home décor articles, specialized gifts, customized printing and embroidery and much more. It is our aim to provide you with personalized designs while also making it special with our creative magic. Each piece we create is not meant to be a mere item of decoration but an expression of ideas and thoughts. They are inspired by our customers and life and the world around them. We are the platform where you get the little pleasures of life in the form of personalized craft. In other words, we will help you to create the person craft. You can make your wedding/ birthday memorable with our individually customized giveaways. In the new age of business, we are determined to remain focused on our commitment to sustainability and creative design displayed in our exquisitely printed T-shirts and embroidery designs.

We never wish to stop working and providing a remarkable shopping experience to our customers, with customized printed or embroidered T-shirts, uniform and Caps to celebrate special events with innovation, with our help and support. We have a feeling that a good future can be developed with good friends and good friends require unique gifts which are specially crafted to display their personality to build the bond and relationship. An extraordinary present for a special friend should be none the less, personally customized crafts convince by brilliance and color intensity present into a very special surprise. You can choose the most exciting gifts customized gifts for someone special. We offer customized products for fundraising activates, because we care just like you do.